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5 Reasons You Need A Website

Do you sell a product? Do you provide a service? Do you own or operate a small business? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, you absolutely need a website. There are many reasons you need a website. Having a website builds credibility, creates the look of a larger business, allows you to define your brand, and much more. Below you will find 5 reasons you need a website.

1. Build credibility

Having a website proves that you are serious about what you are selling/providing. Your website shows costumers/potential employers that you are in fact doing what you say it is you do. If you are a writer, having a website to sell your book shows customers that you are more established. It shows that what you have to sell is important enough to have a website. Facebook offers a great, easy way to sell products. What it does not offer is credibility. I know myself, and a lot of my friends, won’t even call a business unless they have a website. We expect credible businesses to have a website.

2. Make a small (even one-person) business seem large

Having a website offers a kind of front for what you are selling/providing. Posting information using “we” instead of “I” shows customers that your business is providing this and not a single person. This is great for building your brand.

1. Small impression: “I have a lot of new content for you”
2. Large impression: “We have a lot of new content for you”

It may not seem like much, but remember that your customer wants to believe in something before they buy into it. Allow them to believe you are legitimate.

3. Expand your market

You’re not doing yourself any favors if you aren’t selling your product/service on your own website. While selling your stuff on social media is great, it shouldn’t be the only way you sell. “Facebook Users Posted a Third Less Content In 2016” reports Paul Armstrong, Forbes. Paul Armstrong published a report on February 14, 2017, showing the decline in Facebook content. He also reports that among that, customers are engaging less with content than in 2015.

This in no way means you shouldn’t be using Facebook or other social media sites to market your product/services, just that it shouldn’t be your only method. Having a website is a great way to target all audiences of the internet and not just those people utilizing Facebook.

4. Do things your way

Be truly in charge of how your information is presented to potential customer/employers. If you are using social media to promote your product/service, you are certainly stuck to a specific format. This may work great for some people, but to most, it is simply restricting. Having your own website can very much personalize your brand.

5. Promote your brand 24/7

Having a website requires little maintenance and allows customers to see your information at all times of the day. You don’t shut down your website every day when you leave the office. This is especially helpful to those individuals browsing after normal working hours. Your website gives them the opportunity to get the information they need while sitting at home. Customers can reach out to you in the middle of the night and you can see it the second you wake up. This eliminates a lot of frustration from customers not being able to get in contact with you or your business.

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