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My Web Design Journey

I started developing websites about four years ago.  To anyone that knows about making websites,  I started with the simplest HTML and CSS possible. The website I made was a blog for me and a friend.  We didn’t use it very much at all and it eventually fizzled out.  The website was probably the most poorly designed websites on the internet.  I had almost no knowledge of how to do it and I just pieced stuff together from the internet.  I guess it worked and it got the job done, but looking back now, it was awful.

Once I moved from Okinawa, Japan to Virginia, I decided I wanted to teach myself some more.  I bought a book and off I went.  I made a website for a small mechanic shop in Albany, GA.  This website was leaps and bounds better than the first website, but it was also in the bottom tier.   The shop went out of business a few months after and I was back to learning without a project.

I did more research and learning over the next few months and I got to a point where I thought I knew what I was doing.  I decided I would make a website showcasing my skills.  I made a website that would allow people to contact me in order to have a website made for them.  I got exactly ZERO interest in this.  The website wasn’t as poorly made and I really thought it was how I would start building websites for people in my spare time.  A little while later I offered to make a website for free for a band in Chesapeake, VA.  Side Effect is a band that my wife’s dad is in.  It’s a group of five talented guys that play together outside of their “real” jobs.

I’m very thankful that Side Effect wanted my services.  I build their first website in 2016.  It was basically trash the first time.  I rebuilt it a few months later and it was MUCH better this time around.  A few months later I did another complete overhaul.  I re-wrote the entire website code from scratch.  This time around it was great.  The website was fast and efficient.

Over the past few months, I started playing around with  If you’re not familiar with WordPress, it’s a powerful content management system that is very user-friendly.  WordPress offers several free themes,

but I decided I would build my own theme from scratch.  I’ve taken one online WordPress theme development course online and have spent countless hours reading about it.  I’ve now developed a theme for Side Effect that is easily editable (i.e. add events).

My current projects include this blog, a friend’s blog (I’m almost done, I promise!), and updating the Side Effect website as necessary.  I’m excited to keep learning and I’m sure one day I will look back on this and realize how much I have learned.   If anyone has advice for what I should learn or better places to learn, please let me know below.

If you want a website build for you or your company, please let me know. Even if you already have a website and just want to it better or easier to use, let me know.  I’ll show you what I’ve done and how I can help you!

Thanks for reading.

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