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Pre-Cana From A Baptist

What is it?

“UNVEILED is the Diocesan of Richmond’s Marriage Preparation program. Couples attend a one-day, 12-hour Saturday session that blends video-based content with the testimony of married couples. The program is focused on presenting the Catholic vision of married love in a way that allows each couples to process the material and have discussions throughout the day.” –The Center of for Marriage, Family & Life website


The Pre-Cana class we attended was named Unveiled. It was taught at the Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Norfolk, VA. While I’ll admit I was less than enthused about attending it, I did enjoy the class. It may have been a little longer than I thought necessary. It may have even been expensive, but it was worth it. One of the main reasons I think this is because we were able to talk about things in a positive environment that otherwise may have caused an argument. We discussed topics such as natural family planning (no birth control), communication, pornography, being married while in the military, and much more. Overall, the class provided us time and information that allowed us to better discuss our future marriage.

Biggest Takeaway

My biggest takeaway from the day was regarding communication. I have a horrible habit of needing to “win” every argument. I didn’t realize that in doing this, one of us always had to lose. Now I understand better that we are a team. If one of us wins, the other loses. This means the team loses. Instead of trying to win, we should argue with the goal of making our team better.

The Staff

The staff was incredible. The lead couple did a great job of keeping everyone on track. They were super nice and very well prepared. Another plus was that they had some pretty rockin’ 90’s music playing during breaks.


I learned more about my future spouse. I was able to see exactly where Emma sits on all sorts of topics. This was great in verifying that we are on the same page. We had talked about a lot of the topics beforehand, but it was nice to say them out loud again.

We had an entire day to spend with my future spouse. We don’t usually have an entire day to spend with each other. This definitely brought us closer together. It’s nice knowing I can spend an entire day with no one else but her and still enjoy her presence.

I learned more about the Catholic Church. Coming from a non-Catholic background, I routinely question why the Church does things the way they do. Understanding the “why” part has definitely helped me respect it more.

The videos we watched were extremely well made. They were never dull or boring. They were to the point and kept me interested the entire time.

All materials were provided. They provided us with a book, pen, and nametags. The book had a bunch of exercises to complete at the end of each topic and video. Emma and I took the writing in the book part serious and plan on looking back at it one day.


It costed $160 per couple. I guess this isn’t that bad once you consider we used a venue for the entire day, had three meals provided, and had a nonstop supply of snacks.

It lasted 11 hours. I guess this isn’t so bad because it was originally scheduled for 12 hours. The flow of the class was to meet as a group, watch a video, talk about the video, fill out a worksheet in the book, and then go discuss it as a couple in private. This definitely helped the day go by faster. We weren’t getting killed by a PowerPoint presentation (there actually wasn’t a PowerPoint presentation at all). This time also included lunch, dinner, and an entire Mass.

We spent a bunch of time waiting for other couples to make it back to the group room.

Have you taken a Pre-Cana class?  How was it for you?  Drop us a line below!

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