Crewsing Thru Life

An Update on the Crews Family

As you may have realized, we tend to be private about our lives.  We post pictures after events happen, but we generally don’t share about our upcoming events or how our lives are going. 

Jerry is currently working as a legal service specialist for the Marine Corps at the Pentagon.  However, his gig is about to change.  About five months ago, he found out he was accepted into a commissioning program called MECEP, Marine Corps Enlisted Commissioning Education Program.  Essentially, he will go to Officer Candidate School (a 10-week “boot camp” for potential officers), then become a full-time college student while being paid what he normally is paid.  After he graduates with his bachelor’s degree, he will commission as a Marine Corps Officer.  We have no way of knowing what his job will be just yet.  I am so incredibly proud of what he has been able to accomplish for himself.

The cat is out of the bag; I have commissioned as an officer in the Navy.  It doesn’t seem real at this point, especially since I haven’t started working yet.  After graduating high school with a 4.001 GPA, I spent two years at Virginia Commonwealth University before transferring to Old Dominion University to attend nursing school in a concurrent program (that doesn’t exist anymore) with Riverside College of Health Careers.  After my second year of college, I applied for the Navy Commissioning Program after persistent encouragement from my neighbor/mentor/academic advisor, Dr. Hawkins.  It has always been my dream to join the Navy, but I had given up after being denied a previous scholarship.  Actually, I can credit Dr. Hawkins and her husband for almost all of my academic and career success, but that is for a different post.  After being accepted into the Nurse Candidate Program, I was required to maintain height and weight standards, as well as a 3.0 GPA.  By the grace of God, I was able to graduate college.  After graduation in April, I FINALLY moved to Northern Virginia to live with Jerry.  After only having been in a long-distance relationship, living together has been amazing.

We have just moved into a beautiful three-level townhome in Annandale, VA.  We have a black lab named Lilo who seems to constantly be sick with something, but we love her to death.  I keep trying to acquire more animals on top of the dog, birds, and fish, but Jerry keeps saying no.  Jerry is leaving on 8 September for his 10 weeks at OCS, and I leave on 15 September for my five weeks at Officer Development School.  After that, Jerry will start college somewhere in the area, and I will begin nursing at Ft. Belvoir Community Hospital.  I am very excited to see how Jerry will handle being a college student, and I am even more excited that I am done with college. 

There will be more posts to come about family, training, and life in general.  I just wanted friends and family to know what we are up to and why we may seem to fall off the face of the planet for the upcoming couple months.  We appreciate all the love and support we receive and I will try to keep everyone updated on the happenings!

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