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Quick Thoughts With Jerry – Gun Control

My social media news feeds have been covered with news stories and opinions about gun control.  I figured, why not add mine?  What could hurt by putting one more useless opinion out into the world?

Why is it legal for someone like me to be able to just open carry my guns?  I mean, sometimes it’s more socially acceptable for me to show them than to completely cover them.   There are companies that make a living by selling equipment that covers everything EXCEPT my guns.  Why in the world should this be allowed?

To be fair, my guns are pretty nice.  My wife loves them, too.  She doesn’t complain when I open carry.  But what about all of the times when I have to conceal my guns?  The winter is a time when people just have no idea what I’m carrying.  My guns are hidden because they can’t handle the cold weather.  Most people in line at the grocery store don’t realize that underneath my shirt I have concealed to lethal weapons.

Okay, I’m talking about my arms.  I don’t mean to mock any victims of gun crime with this or any of the other people that may get offended.  This is just harmless fun.  Also, my arms aren’t anything special. lol.  Have a great day folks!

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