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The Perfect Gift For Her

Do you struggle with ideas on what to get your significant other for her birthday or Christmas? I know I used to. Below I’ll be helping you find the perfect gift for her so you don’t have to struggle like I did.

The most important thing to remember when getting a gift is that it needs to be personal. You do not need to spend a bunch of money getting her an expensive gift. She would much rather you get her something that means something to her. Below are some ideas of things you can get her that will be special to her.

1. Things that make her feel special

  • If your significant other is anything like mine, she smells every single candle she walks by. This is one the most important times to make sure you’re listening to what she is saying. Type the scent into your phone and go back later to get it for her!
  • Get her that set of bath bombs that she wants but won’t buy herself.
  • Get her the small bottles of lotion for her to try. She’ll love being able to try a new one each time she goes out.


2. Travel

  • Traveling gives your significant other a great experience with you that hopefully she’ll never forget. I’m a firm believe that memories are more important than things. This Christmas, get her a toiletries bag filled with travel sized items. Once she guesses for a few minutes, tell her where you’re taking her. She’ll love this game!


3. Personalized Jewelry

  • Does your significant other have a Pandora bracelet? If so, go over to Amazon and check out the charms they have available. If she doesn’t have a Pandora bracelet, get her one! They are awesome because of how easily you can personalize them.
  • If your fiancée is really into sports, check out getting her a silicon wedding/engagement ring.
  • Get her a personalized name bar necklace.


4. Tea

  • Go into that strange tea store in the mall that you’ve always wondered about. Ask the person behind the counter for a recommendation. The chances are in your favor that if she likes tea, she will like whatever you get her.


5. Bonus Recommendations

  • Write her a well thought out card and give it to her with the gift. Don’t rush through the card. Take your time and put in your real thoughts and emotions on why she is special to you. This is sure to make anything you give her mean even more!
  • Get her a puppy. You can never go wrong with this.

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