About: Jerry Crews

Hi, I'm Jerry Crews.  I'm a 24-year-old Marine living in Northern Virginia with my beautiful wife, Emma.  I joined the Corps right out of high school and plan on making a career of it.  I'm from a small family from a small town in South Georgia.  That is where home was for 18 years.  I grew up with both parents and had a fairly normal life.  We didn't have much money and my family had their problems, but we always seemed to make it.

Since leaving home I have had the opportunity to travel to Japan, the Philippines, Hawaii, and Mexico. Traveling is one of my favorite things to do, especially with my wife.  When we can't get out of the country, we go hiking in nearby Shenandoah National Park.

My wife and I met about 3 years ago at a mutual friend's housewarming party. We hit it off immediately.  It only took us a couple of months and we were dating.  We wasted no time getting to know one another and we spent as much time together as possible.  This meant her riding the bus up from Richmond every Friday, me driving her home Sunday evening, and me driving back from Richmond at 3:00 am on Monday morning.  We did this until she transferred schools and lived in VA Beach.  Then we started taking turns driving every weekend.  In the three years we've been together, we've only spent one weekend apart.  That was a weekend I was at training in Rhode Island.

I enjoy spending time outdoors, going to the gym, and being active.  On the flipside of that, I really enjoy building websites for people.  Hopefully, I'll be able to do that fulltime after I retire.  Plenty of time between now and then for plans to change.

I'm glad you have found this blog and I look forward to sharing my thoughts and tips with you.  Welcome!

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